Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just Sad

I'm so sad. Tonight I had to call the police on my Dustin. My sweet little baby. He was out of control in my face, daring me to hit him. Wanting me to hit him so that he could hurt me. I'm not going to raise Luke in that kind of environment. And then to beat it all, my own mother got home and chose to defend Dustin. By all accounts she could have just told him everything he did was fine and that I was the one who was wrong. I have went very long periods of not talking with my mother in the past, over my children, but this time, it is particularly messy since we are living here in her house. That is the messy stuff. I am so beyond angry. I can not even express exactly what I am feeling. Rage and sadness. That is all I have right now.


Diana said...

I haven't had to call the police but I've thought about it a time or two. Teenage girls are horrible!! My Kate is so, so, stubborn and of coarse thinks she knows it all.
The only advice I would give you is "choose your battles wisely". Some things just aren't worth fighting over. Cheer up Bonny, things will turn around again. Love Di ♥

Bonny said...

I'm trying to choose battles. He was in my face and pushing me around. He's drinking and smoking. I don't want him going down the wrong path. I'm scared he will end up like his father. Today he seems remorseful without actually apologizing.