Wednesday, October 19, 2016


My Dustin is nearly 21. He joined the Army and got married this year. I wish I could say that our relationship is still great but his wife has came between us right now. I have no doubt that he will come around, but right now, it hurts. I remain incredibly proud of him.
Myles is nearly 18! I can not believe I will have two adult children in another couple months. He will graduate this school year. I'm also incredibly proud of him. He still remains my sweet Myles.
Luke is in 7th grade. He turns 13 next week. I blinked and my children grew up. I am homeschooling Luke this year because ADHD is a bastard and Luke was struggling in the public school setting. In some ways I think the homeschooling is better for Luke but also he tries to take advantage because he is at home with me. We are figuring it out together.
Buck and I are making plans to finally be under one roof together. We have been looking at properties for sale in Tennessee, and we eagerly look forward to our future together.
Life has a funny way of things working out.