Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Again about the cat

OK, I know the last post was about the cat too, but....
Smokey has bald spots on his stomach and one on each front leg. I am totally freaking out about it. He is 10 years old. He has never had anything like this before. I googled and called around to vets yesterday about it. Of course the vets all say well, they can not say without seeing him, which will cost me an arm and a leg usually. I seriously can not afford to take the cat in to the vet right now. So after speaking to several vets yesterday, I have decided to watch it and see if it gets worse. It is does, then I will be taking him to the vet. I would not be so hesitant about it, but these spots are not red at all, they are not scaly at all, he's not itching at all, it does not look irritated at all. On a google search, some articles say that he could be excessively grooming and essentially licking his fur off from stress or boredom. So, I will be buying him some toys today while I am at Walmart and praying that this does not get worse. I have been so worried about it for the last two days now. I am constantly checking to see if it is worse or looks irritated, but it really looks fine, just that there is no fur there.
So Internets, has anyone ever experienced this problem with their cat?? Please tell me about it.

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