Friday, March 19, 2010


I haven't had much to say lately. Burying my Aunt was hard on our family. I call her daughter, my cousin, and get voicemail that is her voice. Twice I have called back just to hear it again. Much other than that, things have been quiet or rather, the same here. I have been checking blogs, just have not had much to say. I'm falling in a funk, and I need to find a way out. I intend to do some spring cleaning this weekend, since it is supposed to get colder again.
Until next time...


Diana said...

Oh Bonny I do know how you feel. Things will get better. It's been over three months since my mom passed away and I still haven't deleted her number from my cell. But you know, I think I will finally do that when I get done her. Spring is here Bonny, try to enjoy it with your boys.
Love Di ♥

billiemae said...

Bonny, I am so sorry for you loss.
I pray that God will strengthen you and all of your family at this time. May Peace enter into your hearts and know the Love of God.
God never leaves us once we know Him.. please believe and trust in Him. love vickie( aka billiemae)

billiemae said...

Hello Bonny,
I was jsuting thinking about you and was praying for you... Can I ask if you ever made your list about yourself? The looking glass? I would like to start your list off if you don't mind.
When I saw you photo on your blog, I thought Wow! What a face, look at that beautiful smile and how it lights up her face ... Bonny, I hope you know that the Spirit of God lives inside you and with Him there you don't ever have to think badly about yourself.... God does not make junk.... I love seeing new photos of you. You have so much going for you... Lots of love is what I see when I look at your picture.... Would you go now and look in the mirror and see what I see? God loves you so much......
God Bless you . your friend in Christ Jesus. billiemae ( aka) vickie

Bonny said...

Hello Billiemae (Vickie)
I am always so glad to hear from you. It's uplifting and makes me smile that you have wrote me. I appreciate your prayers very much, I need them. I regret to tell you that I have yet to start my personal list, but your words are so supportive and I do intend to make that list. I am working on my self confidence but I have much work to do in that department. I'm glad you enjoy the photos. I have some more to post that we took recently.