Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hoping for a better week...

So about 2 weeks ago on January 23rd, I went to the ER for pain in my side and ended up having an emergency surgery to remove my appendix. Until that point, I had never had a surgery before, so I had no idea how painful it is. Three tiny holes, hurt so much! It's crazy. I think they rearranged all my innards. It was quite inconvenient, as most emergency surgeries are I suppose. My Mom had to leave to go out of town for work that day, my youngest sister was working and taking care of her own kid, my other sister runs a daycare out of her kids had to get back and forth to school. (And through it all my sisters were there doing everything for me, even visiting me in the hospital. :)) I know it's a lot of complaining. I'm so sorry, that seems to be my nature lately and I HAVE GOT TO  change that way of thinking. I'm working on it, I promise. Went in on a Monday and went home on Thursday. So, a week later, I go back to the ER to be diagnosed with pneumonia, a common side effect from surgery, wow that hurt too. And I keep thinking of my friend who has just had multiple surgeries. Love to you. I'm hoping to go back to work next week. I still feel tired and not myself but I have to get back to work. I really can't afford to be off work.
So the interesting part is that I went for my follow up visit with the surgeon this past Friday and he said that my appendix was very unusual because it was infected on the outside and the indie was still healthy which he said is very unusual and that it is very possible that there is something else wrong and that the appendix was covering it up or that the appendix became infected from another neighboring organ. I had been putting off an appointment with the OB/GYN, but I have an appointment scheduled with her this week and he also suggested I make an appointment with my general Dr. to see if there is any other tests he'd like to do. I think I'm going to be going to quite a few more doctor visits in the near future.
How are all of you??

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Diana said...

Oh Bonny, what a heck of a "SURPRISE" right? Geez girl when it rains it pours!!
I hope that they don't find anything else wrong. It sounds like you've been through more than enough. Surgery is scary, even if it's elective. But when it's a have too, it's very scary.
Let me know how things go at your other appointments o.k.?
Hopefully you will be up and running by spring, get it out of the way now! Love, Hugs and Prayers are coming your way, Love Di ♥