Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Congrats Amanda and Bobby

My cousin Amanda got married this weekend. Well, she was already married so I guess this was for the family. I had a wonderful time with my family despite Dustin's attitude problem during dinner. The next morning I felt like hell and remembered why I'm not supposed to drink like that anymore. My knees are still so sore it hurts to move my legs. I suppose that is from all the dancing although they were not hurting last weekend after the anniversary party we went to.

I went to the doctor this past week, he put me on some blood pressure pills and referred me to a cardiologist which I can not get in to see for a month.
I guess enough boring updates!

Until next time....

I leave you with a couple photos from the wedding.

My parents with all their children.

Me with my "baby" brother and Luke.

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