Thursday, October 21, 2010


Lord, please just watch over my family. We need you so much now and always. There is so much going on. I find myself barely hanging on. I'm trying to focus on my faith, but it is so hard right now to keep my focus on you. Help me, help myself and my family. Keep my boys safe and in your ever loving care. Please help me to help my children and make the right decisions for them. I need your help.

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Diana said...

Just forge ahead Bonny and do what you think is right to do. Don't look back. Things will be different. Things will change. All of this will just be an old faded memory one day. I know. I've been through more crap than anyone I know, with my ex and all sorts of stuff. But life does change. Change is the ONE thing that you CAN count on!! Love Di ♥