Saturday, April 10, 2010

More thoughts

My Mom went this week to pick my Ma Maw up from Kentucky. She has a couple doctor appointments up here and my nephews birthday party and some other things going on. So she will be up here back and forth between my house, my Mom's, and my sister's. Now, I know that I have complained about my Ma Maw in the past when we were in the middle of all the care after her surgery and she was crabby and getting homesick. I don't blame her, even I feel better at her house. It's home.
Anyway, with her being up here and my Mom being off work until she finds employment again, it had really got me thinking I want to be near them. I want to spend time with them. Crabby or not, she is here and I want to be near her. I want to be with her. My Mom, the same, crabby or not, I want to be with her. This is new to me. I have never had feelings this strongly about just being by my Mom.
I know that the past few months of this loss has made me more thankful for my family and for my Ma Maw and Mom. I still have them here with me. I can still pick up the phone and call. That is not true for everyone. Not true for my cousin who lost her mother.
So, I am thankful Lord, very thankful that I still have my Ma Maw and my Mom. Thank you.


billiemae said...

Hello Bonny,
Well, it sounds if someone is startig to grow. I am so happy
for you.... Growth, usually hurts some... but you know on the other side of hurt and pain is experience. So my dear child you
have now had a trail and you know
what it is like, so you are ready
to help the next one who goes through , because of your experience.... I say " PRAISE GOD"!!! I hope that you ENJOY, the visit ahead and if it is crabby , it's ok, you just smile
that beautiful smile of yours and
hang on... it will get better.. Be Blessed. vickie

billiemae said...

Bonny , sorry for the miss spelling, should be growing and trial... vickie

Bonny said...

Thank you so much.

billiemae said...

Bonny , Thank you for your comment on my blog. I am glad that you feel what I am trying to do through the words I write... You have just made my day! God bless you... You have such a sweet, warm heart... I do so hope your visit with your G'ma and Mom is going well. They are a treasure and you should take the time to sort through them... God Bless your sweet warm heart my dear... with love in Christ , vickie

Diana said...

Enjoy every moment that you can with your mom Bonny. I would give any thing to have my mom back again.
Love Di ♥