Sunday, April 4, 2010

Some days are harder than others

I keep going to my Aunt's Facebook page. I don't know what I am looking for there. She is not posting anything since she is no longer here. But yet I keep going to look as if there's going to be something new there. I see her face and all the photos she has posted that I took of her at one point or another. I remember her that way and not of the photos of her in the hospital that were sent so that the rest of the family could see her condition (I have deleted those from my phone). I miss her. I would call her a lot. Apparently more than I realized because I catch myself sometimes dialing her number to talk to her. My cousin is there but I can not possibly burden her with how much I am missing her mother. I talk a lot to my Ma Maw, but she lost her daughter. And so it just sits there in my heart and in my thoughts. Tomorrow will be one month since she passed away. I miss her.

I love you and miss you so very much. I know you are resting in peace with angels.

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Diana said...

I understand all too well what you're feeling right now Bonny. And it is so normal. If you read my blog you will see that I've had some really bad days since mom passed away but they come and go. I just cry when I need to and keep on going. The pain won't be as strong after awhile but it sure hits when you least expect it. I am wishing you the best! Love Di ♥