Sunday, May 2, 2010

Funky Town

I'm in a funk!
I can not seem to climb out of. I have been trying to force myself to be more positive. Do more things, but I don't want to. I am happy to sit in the house in my PJ's all day, every day. I don't want to deal with all the issues that Dustin is having right now. He is on a bad path and all the talking in the world is not getting through to him.
I thought I was feeling a little better after the party for my parents and being around the family was good for everyone. But now, with Mother's Day approaching, I am worried about my cousins Becky and Randy too, this will be the first without their Mom. I can't imagine how that is going to be for them. I am thankful that I have my mother and realize that I should make her more aware of how thankful I am that I still have her. There are many people that read this blog that have lost their Mom, my thoughts and prayers will be with you on that day as well.
I have so many other posts in my head. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get out another. There is so much on my chest, I feel like it is crushing me.


Diana said...

Well we know that we have both been feeling funky lately! Mom and I would go to the Amish Nurseries every year on Mother's Day to buy loads and loads of flowers! My husband would drive us there and haul all of the plants to the car. I will miss this for sure. I don't know if I will go this year or not. I am happy that you still have your mom Bonny. And I think we'll both get out of our funk soon!
Love Di ♥

billiemae said...

Bonny, When you get a funk on you need to just start walking.. Yes, that is right, walking. Take your bible and walk and read. It doesn't matter where you open the Bible too just open and walk and read.... In doing this you let the PEACE come over you... and the PEACE is Christ Jesus... I can tell you this because I was young like you are once and I had to learn the hard way... I am hoping you will not... Thank you so much for your words of prayer and encouragement....
I would like to say to your friend, Diana, I am so sorry that you lost your mom... I understand about the every year thing with flowers. Mama and I would do something similar. I miss her still yet.... but it will ease in time... I have a prayer for you both ... Dear Lord,
I want to pray for Bonny and Diana, and ask you that whatever is making them sad and funky if you would just lift them high in your hand and hold them with love and tenderness.... You are our FATHER, and we so do need You to hold us... I pray that a hedge of angels would be around them both today with peace and strength and light.... Thank you Dear Lord, for all the trials and blessings that follow... To You be the Glory in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior.. Amen( so let it be so)
God loves you both so much.. Happy thoughts to you both. vickie

Bonny said...

Di I am sure you are going to be missing your Mom especially much this Mother's day. I am happy I still have my Mom, but I know many do not. My cousin who is younger than I lived with her mother her whole life and this is going to be the first Mother's day without her Mom, I know it will be terribly har for her.
And Vickie, I just love you so much. Really. Your words are always so comforting to me and I am so greatful for the friendship that we have found here. Your prayers and advice are such a blessing to me. You have came into my life in a time when I really needed someone...and God sent you. I am so thankful. Bless you and thank you so much for uplifting me and Di too. Love to you.

Diana said...

Thank you Vickie, you are very sweet.
Love Di ♥