Friday, May 21, 2010


I'm still here, just in a funk. Well...still in the same funk to tell the truth. The next couple weeks I have many obligations to fill since I am hopelessly unable to say no to anyone. I have taken on another "part-time" job caring for a lady with Lyme Disease. So sad how it has robbed her of her ability to live life as she was used to. But I will try to get a better update on here this weekend. I have a lot to say but have to get it out of my head.
Until next time.


billiemae said...

Hello Loved One,

I am so sad that you are still in a funk.. Lord I pray you help her out of it...Bonny dear, have you ever heard of Beth Moore? She is a bible teacher out of Texas.. I am now taking my second Bible Study with her This one is called
Breaking Free.. It is so helpful.. Please check into seeing if any of your church groups around offer her studies and if they do ... take it.. please for your sake... It is so worth the trouble... so worth it.... I am proud of you Bonny for doing what you can... take care and know that God is ALWAYS with you... tenderly vickie

Diana said...

So sorry that your feeling down Bonny. I have been that way on and off. But feeling up lately. Have you tried just sitting outside. I forced myself to just sit outside for a little bit every day and it seemed to help. Whatever works I guess! Good luck with your new job. I used to care for people and I really enjoyed it! Love Di ♥