Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Nine Weeks...

New classes started today!
Another nine weeks until my associates degree! I can't believe it. But I can not get ahead of myself. I still have the nine weeks ahead before I can say, Yea, I did that!!
Today has been a very long day. Up early this morning for work, just got home a little while ago. Thank goodness I made a ton of food this weekend, so we are having leftovers for dinner the next couple days. I made the best apple pie this weekend. I was patting myself on the back over that one! LOL
Luke still is not feeling 100%. He has a runny nose and cough now. Dustin is all stuffed up and has a cough. Myles has a runny/stuffy nose. I guess we are going to be going back to the doctor this week. I hope this is not how the winter is going to go.


April- Strong and True said...

Hopefully this isn't what is going to stay! Winter is going to so GREAT this year!! lol

The next 9 weeks will fly and you'll hardly notice that you are finished! Just hang on a little more and home free!

Bonny said...

Thanks April, it just seems like forever sometimes. :)