Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just an update

Just an update of sorts or maybe some rambling too. I have started my last class before my associates degree and the degree is all I can really think about, although I have to get through this class first. So this will be the second of nine weeks for this class.

The kids have been sick. Dustin has NEVER ending allergy problems that can not seem to get under control, especially since he spends half of his time with his Dad and his Dad does not believe that he needs medication, but that could be a whole other post there. Myles stayed home two days from school this week, he was throwing up and felt miserable. Luke has a little cough and runny nose. I have had a sore throat and my allergies have been crazy, although I suspect that is from cleaning the flood waters at work still that has turned moldy and nasty. But it's my job to do what he says. Really I think that we should have had professional cleaners come in, but mostly, I have cleaned it all on the days that I have been there.

Dustin got into trouble at school for getting "too rough on the playground" and then again at the after school accelerated learning program for trying to "enforce the teachers rules."

Things have been good with Buck and I. No more talks about living together, but things are good.

My mother and I are taking baby steps although it will never be the same. She is trying, I have to give her credit for that. And I am trying to be forgiving although with some issues still with me there.

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