Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treating

Luke was spiderman again this year. He could barely breathe through that mask, but wore it most of the night.
We took all the cousins together, minus the older kids, they went off on their own.

This is the parade that we took with us trick or treating. My two sisters, my sister's boyfriend, the four kids and myself!

This house was really cool.

So after trick or treating, My sister, My mother and I went on this scavenger hunt that the town had set up. It was so much fun. We had to go to the graveyard, a church, and we raided my sister's house and went to her neighbor's houses asking if they had items on the list. We didn't do too bad. We got 4th or 5th place. Some gift certificates. It was really a good time.
What did you do for Halloween?

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