Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wasted all day online

I have officially wasted the entire day surfing the internet, doing a little homework (not nearly what I should have!), took a nap, and reading blogs. I have determined that I read too many blogs and do not know when to stop! I think I have a blog addiction! Don't tell anyone! :)
I'm going to link some blogs that I have been reading.

Just to mention a few, then there is Facebook, I have wasted so much time on there! So, I am going to go watch a movie with Luke before he has to go to bed. Dustin and Myles are with their father, Buck is working still, so it's just me and Luke.


The Y River said...

At least you got to do some homework. Great links!
I try to avoid the internet as much as I can and as long as my work permits but I guess it's like running away from eating or reading. I have a laptop given to me by work in order for me to be able to connect to our global office network, from anywhere in the world. Also a crazy cell phone the size of a little diary, to connect too. I am afraid, the internet is a major part of our lives but then again, I am like you not knowing when to stop...As long as one gets to learn new stuff, I guess is all that matters to me. As you can see, I have learnt from you that it shouldn't be an addiction. Thank you.

btw: why did you collapse right on the floor of that cabin?

Bonny said...

I'm not sure why I collapsed on the cabin floor. Maybe I saw something haunting there from the future? But, I just love that I am the cute frog!

The Y River said...

We'll find out...very cute