Friday, February 6, 2009

Job Searching

I just found out that I am getting an additional $300 on my tax refund that I totally had not expected! That was the best news I had all day. It's going to be crazy busy at work for the next couple weeks and I have been in search of a different job. Preferably one job and I can make money at one job and not have two jobs. But so far, that has not looked very promising.
I have got Buck to one down to my place for the weekend, which is almost unheard of! He is going to fix some things that I need around the house and we will be going back to our regular schedule after that. I guess maybe he's trying to see how it will be when Luke starts school. Because when Luke goes to school, we will not be driving from one house to the other to go to school and then mom driving more to get to work. We will have to be settled in one spot.
It has snowed so much here it is ridiculous!! Some say 19' some say up to 24+' the last couple days. It is crazy to drive in, even with the 4 wheel drive in the truck.
Until next time.

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The End said...

love the good news!