Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just irritated

Really, irritated is about the best way I can explain my feelings of the day, well, the week. I have been helping Buck to search for someone online that he really should try to contact. Anyway, we did the thing, we did the thing, and he even paid for a people search that actually produced a lot of information about this person. Addresses, phone numbers, relatives and their addresses and phone numbers, a mountain of information. So, we know where this person lives. But, he still keeps trying to locate her online, like through Facebook, or Reunion, or Classmates, and then gets his pants in a bunch when I try to tell him something different. It is just really irritating for me, because if you are asking for my help, then let me help you. Or are you just asking for my help so that you can be crabby with me about it when you do not find what you are looking for. All this information is very relevant to him. And important, but we have had the people search for 2 years now and he has not once tried to make contact through the information that we do have. And, then he's crabby with me about it! Hey man, I did not do anything wrong. If you had done what you should have to begin with you would not be looking for her now. And when you do find her, I suspect that you are not going to be happy with the results from that either way either. So, how is any of this supposed to be helping? I don't know. I just had enough for today.

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