Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cultural diversity

Buck turns 48 tomorrow. We have been together for five years now. Wow.
It's funny, because when I look at him, I do not see the age difference of 14 years. I do not see that he is Mexican and I obviously am not. I just see that I love him. Someone jokingly told me once that I was robbing the old folk's home instead of robbing the cradle as the saying goes, but I have never saw the age difference or the race difference.
Honestly, I hate to admit that before I started dating Buck, I never imagined being with someone that was not the same race as myself. Very close-minded. I was culturally unaware of all that there is out there. I had never given thought to the differences that people make sometimes based just your skin color. I just had never thought about it.
Buck has taught me many things regarding race and differences that there are. I do not always agree with what he says about some things, but I have learned that there are differences. And the thought had not crossed my mind until recently that we are a bi-racial couple. I thought that was only reserved for black and white relationships, but it is not. It hurt my feelings when this was pointed out to me, because I had never looked at our relationship in that manner. But, regardless of how they said it, they were right, we are a bi-racial couple. Something I never thought I would be saying about me.
I still do not care about the age or the cultures, I can see past all that and I see the last five years of my life with him. A lot of good, some bad, but it has been the right thing for me.
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