Thursday, April 23, 2009


Dustin and I volunteered at the soup kitchen today with some members from our church. I have to say it was an amazing experience. I was so humbled by how many people there were there and that these people are there everyday giving back to the community. I am definitely going to volunteer there again. Dustin learned some things too, it's just not cool to talk to his Mom. I am so happy that I went and am going to go again. There were many hungry people there, more than I could have ever imagined. And, I am sure that there are many that were not there tonight as well. I don't have much, but I am blessed. I have missed going to church and have let too many things get in the way. I am wanting very much to get back into the swing of things and make myself go, even when it is easier to just stay home. It's far to drive, I'm tired, the kids don't want to get up, I have assignments to do, I'm saving gas. But really, I just feel so much better when I go there. Everyone is so wonderful and make you feel so loved. I plan to get back into good habits. This is the best place to start.

Also, remembering Rachel today on her first anniversary in Heaven. We sure do miss you.


April- Strong and True said...

It is so hunbling to see so many hungry people in the world. Many do not understand that if it wasn't for the soup kitchens..many would starve!!!

I am glad to hear you needing to go back to church. I understand how you feel about that. But in the long run, if it uplifts you, keep doing it!!!! GOD would want his daughter to feel refreshed and ready for the week ahead! Also, what are you truly wanting to save? You or the money for gas? My other thought, it gives your kids a foundation to lean on in tough times when your not there and they have to make a choice or needing a rock in their life!! GOD knows your heart and I think it will help you to unwind from life's daily stressors!

Love ya!

Bonny said...

Thanks April.