Saturday, January 24, 2009

Feeling homesick

I have been thinking about my Ma-maw a lot lately. I talk to her everyday, but I just miss her so badly. Last February when the whole family went down there for her surprise birthday party was the last time that I saw her. I guess you could say that I am feeling homesick. And right now, there is no possible way that I can make a trip down there with the kids school schedule and my own. I can't afford to take time off work right now either. She just has not been able to come here. I don't know if she will ever be able to drive here alone again. I always fear that something is going to happen to her before I see her again. When I see her and it is time to leave, I always cry thinking that this may be the last time that I am with her. I wish that I lived closer to her. I wish that I could visit more often. Maybe I will be able to arrange something for when the boys are on spring break from school. Until I figure something out, I guess I just have to be happy with talking to her on the phone everyday. Sometimes, that just does not seem to be enough. I miss her so much.

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