Thursday, January 15, 2009

Frigid weather, go away!

It is frigid here. -6 was the high here today, with wind chills down to -30! That is just insane! We are used to cold, windy winters, but the Canadian air that we have been getting, we just are not used to. I don't know how Canadians make it through the winter. It is freezing. I have not been able to get warm all day, even after being inside all evening with an electric blanket and the cat all cozy on my lap.
My boss from the auto yard called me this evening. He wants me to come in early so that we can get out of there early. His mother died. I did not know what to say. I feel bad because I did not ask if she had been sick, I did not ask where they were going to have services, I just was at a loss for words. This particular boss has been and continues to be extremely difficult to work for. It is just naturally his personality to be a real jerk. But I felt so bad for him. I could tell that he was really broken up about it.
Dustin has strep throat again. I guess he is getting started early this year. I swear I think that he had strep throat off and on all last winter. Myles and Luke do not have it, but I am waiting for that to drop in my lap next.
On a lighter note, I think I might take the kids to the movies this weekend. That movie "Hotel for Dogs" comes out in theatres tomorrow and it looks so cute. I think that they would like to see it. I would like to see it.


Invinsible Black River... said...

Bonny,I can imagine the warmth of your cat in contrast with -30! I sincerely hope thats as low as it gets. This makes me think of others in iceland. With regard to your boss, I understand that you may consider him to be a very difficult one but like you, I was terribly sorry to learn about his loss. In fact I think the movie might do you and the kids some real good although I am yet to see it and couldn't tell you what to expect. Which is good, I don't spoil your fun. And finally, on anything that irritates my throat, I always rely on freshly squeezed lemon which never dissapoints. I just hope Myles and Luke don't get it too. Enjoy the weather whilst it lasts. You know you will miss it:)
Good to see you.

Bonny said...

Oh, I could never make it in Iceland! I do not know how those people do not freeze to death. I know I have been freezing the last few days. Thankfully it warmed up to 20 today. It felt was like a heat wave, but I only went out to check the mail.
We are going to go tomorrow afternoon with my sister and her kids to the movies to see that Hotel for Dogs. It looks like such a cute movie. I'll let you know.
How do you drink freshly squeezed lemon? I would think that would be terribly sour.
Always glad to see you here. :)