Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The late post

I know I had promised an update over the weekend, but I was busy with the kids and cleaning.
I am trying to get things in order at my house before my MaMaw gets here. I looks like I may not be driving down there with my Mom to pick her up after all. My Mom is now not able to go pick her up until Friday 4-10-09. We were supposed to be leaving on that Thursday and coming back on Friday. And it just so happens that is Easter weekend. So I will be coloring Easter eggs with the children and preparing the meal for Easter Sunday. And, it just so happens that my nephews birthday party is going to be on the Saturday, the day before Easter. So, if I drive down to Kentucky with my mother on that Friday and come back on the same day, I still will not have time to color the eggs with the kids on Saturday because we have to go to the birthday party and then that will leave me getting everything ready for Easter dinner on Easter Sunday. I just don't know.
I have been enjoying the break from school. My classes resume on April 21. I just finishes reading World Without End by Ken Follett. It was like the sequel to his first book like it called The Pillars of the Earth. I have to say that I really enjoyed the book. I read the entire book in a week's time. I did not get much else done and neglected my blog and well, cooking too. Everyone was fending for themselves for a few days, but they all found things to cook for themselves, which was nice, because I did not have to cook.
This Friday is Buck and my anniversary, even though we are not currently married, we have been together for 5 years now. We really have no special plans, financially, we can not do very much, but I plan to make a good dinner and buy a bottle of wine. And then his birthday is this coming Sunday, 48 years old. I have to say that the last couple years have aged him. I think it is his field of work, being that it's construction, he is constantly worried about getting jobs and making money, and I think that has aged him quite a bit in the last couple years. But I know that I have aged as well. It happens, such is life.
I have been thinking a lot lately about Luke starting school this year. I am happy about it, but a little sad as well. My "baby" is going off to school. He i very excited about it and I am happy for that. He is so smart and always asking questions. He wants to spell things all the time, which I think is wonderful.
Dustin has been doing good in school the last couple weeks, since his last incident. I just hope that he keeps it up, there are only a couple months left until the end of school and he goes on to the middle school next year. I am hoping that will be good for him. Only time will tell.
I have been experimenting with new recipes for dinner, the other day I made homemade chicken fried rice, it was pretty good and cheaper than ordering Chinese for dinner.
Well, until next time....


Rising from my Ashes said...

The good thing is that you are much better of facing the stresses of life than being ill and in bed like you were not too long ago. Its good to see you are back in full spirit.

Rising from my Ashes said...