Saturday, August 30, 2008

And then the music played

My favorite song of all time is Into The Mystic by Van Morrison. Whenever I hear it, I have to stop to listen. It is so relaxing to me. It's strange to me that no matter what kind of mood I am in, I can listen to this song and be a bit more at ease.
So, tell me, is there a song that does this for you? In the middle of your hectic day, you can hear it and it calms you?
Music really is theraputic sometimes.

Not sure if the link to the song is working, but am working on it. Well, actually Christina is helping me work on it :)

**Christina rocks!! She got the code for the song to work, so you can actually hear the song now if you click on the link. THANK YOU CHRISTINA**


Karyn "kd" said...

I am mesmerized by the song "Under the Milkyway Tonight" by Echo & the Bunnymen.. the lead singer just drools smooth contentment..
Unfortunately, I never get to hear it.. But I love music..

Do you have a song you cling to when you're spitting nails mad?
Mine's U2 "Trying to Throw your arms around the world"

Bonny said...

It depends on what kind of mad I am at the moment and at who. When I am mad at the significant other, I listen to the song "I hate everything about you", by 3 days grace. Which is funny, becasue I almost strictly listen to country music!

~Christina~ said...

It worked a min ago and now it doesn't :( What happened?

Bonny said...

It is working on my end. You have to click on the little play sign on the player thingy. Let me know if you get it to work.