Sunday, August 3, 2008

Times Past...

It took me all weekend, but I did it! These are some good memories I found while scanning my photos.

Dustin was wearing my brother's football jersey. He thought Uncle P was so awesome! It's hard to believe that this is my grumpy pre-teen I have walking around my house now. He used to be so happy. I don't know what happened to him!
Same grumpy kid at 6 years old. I love the reflection off the glass in this photo. We were at Celebration Station for his birthday party.
Myles was 5 years old in this photo. He's the artistic one of the kids. He loves to paint, model clay, draw, anything that is artsy.
This is my Ma-Maw and Luke. Luke was 7 months old. This was the first time I took him to Kentucky. I refused to cut his hair until he turned 1 year old.
Luke pooping! He will propably hate me for this photo later in life. Right now, he thinks it's funny. :)

This was always something I made their Dad do with them. The pumpkin insides are just too gross for me, and by the looks of Dustin in this photo, he thinks so too!

He was so happy to be a big brother. I don't know what happened. Luke was brand new in this photo and Myles was 4 years old.
This is truely the coolest cake I have ever seen. I did not want to cut it. I saw it in a magazine and took it to the bakery and the lady made it, I just had to bring the candy pieces.
I think this is really one of the best photos of me that exist. I have found only a rare few that I think look good. This was 2001, Myles was 2 years old.
Christmas 2004. Another one that I think is good of me, although I am in my PJ's. Luke 1 year old and Myles 6 years old.

Thought I would share some that I found. There's more, but maybe I will try to incorporate them in a post.

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