Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Smokey, the cat with an attitude

I got smokey when he was five weeks old. He's ten years old now, and has such an attitude! It's funny, but then sometimes it's really not. He has to sleep with one of us. He usually makes his way around with each of the kids and then ends up sleeping with me. Last night, he kept me up half the night. He lays across my legs and no matter how many times I move him, he's right back a few minutes later. Even after being catapulted off the bed, he comes right back.
How dare you, I was sleeping there!
And after keeping me up all night, I get up this morning and he's howling at me to fill his food bowl, now! I couldn't even go pee first. I am beginning to think maybe he is just a spoiled old man cat. I think that's it.
But he's like one of my kids.

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~Christina S. said...

"Even after being catapulted off the bed....."

Hahahahaha....THAT is a visual!!