Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh what a day...

Today on my way home from work, I notice that my van is making a weird noise. So, I go to the oil shop that changes my oil all the time (they are wonderful there) and all the guys are looking at my van right away and says "wow, you're leaking coolant". Looks under the hood and says "yep, you need a radiator." That's just great! Exactly what I did not want to hear. Damn van! Damn radiator! Damn Monday! Oh, it's not even Monday. What was I thinking? Long day.
I drive directly home from the oil shop, and find Buck with a terrible toothache. He's miserable. Poor thing, a toothache hurts so bad. And my van is messed up. I work part time at a junk yard, but my boss needs the radiator to make sure that the parts match up. So tomorrow, Buck is supposed to take the radiator off and I will take it in to see if my boss can match it up with something we have at the yard. But, if his tooth hurts too bad, he's really not going to feel like doing that. And I am going to try to get him into the oral surgeons, but tomorrow, of course is Saturday and I don't even know if he can get into the office for that tomorrow or have to wait until Monday.
What a great day.

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