Monday, August 4, 2008

My oldest

I don't know where I'm going with this one. While scanning the old photos, my oldest son looks back smiling in almost every photo. Happy even. That's a rare sighting these days. He is so darn crabby. He's not happy about anything. It's driving me crazy. I can't believe this is my kid. He is constantly complaining about EVERYTHING. I swear everything. I try to do things for him that I know he will like or want, and he still manages to complain or find something wrong with it. This past weekend, he found a car model that was put up until he was older. Well, he wanted to put it together, so he needed glue and paints, so I drove into town to go to Walmart for what he wanted. I was only going for his things, and I had to go by the mailbox to drop some bills and he was huffing and complaining...This does not look like Walmart to me! I couldn't believe it! I drove all the way up there for him, and he's crabbing that I had to go by the mailbox! What the heck is wrong with him?? I really hope that this is just a phase he is going through. I mean, he is 12 almost 13. I realize that this age is difficult, but jeez, give me a break.
I just can't believe that this is my kid! Please whoever took my smiling first born, please return his former self.

Missing happy smiles, please return!

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~Christina S. said...

Awe. No worries mom. He'll return just in time to start begging you to babysit grandbabies. LOL