Sunday, August 24, 2008

A journey in Internetland

Isn't it amazing how you can get so attached to your computer? I sit in front of mine and check blogs reading about other people's lives, posting on a mom's group that I have "met" several women that I actually consider my friends although we have never met, doing my school work online, browsing the Internet. I could go on and on. It is also just as amazing to me that being online can be so stressful with people that you have never personally met and yet have felt so close to.
There was recently an uproar in a group that I belong to that has had me thinking this week about friends, loyalty, and cyberspace. This particular uproar caused great stress for me and quite a few others that I talk to online. It even got me temporarily banned from my mom's group (not a very good feeling) through misunderstanding and maybe a lack of communication. I must add for reference that I do LOVE the mom's group and the wonderful ladies there that have shared experiences and support.
It's hard to feel pressure in life and then also through your computer screen. But, all is well in Internetland this morning. I am happy that there really are friends out there that understand me and I do consider friends despite the fact that we live miles apart and have yet to meet up, close in person. Maybe some day. I can only hope.


Karyn "kd" said...

I am so glad that I have gotten to know you better. It is crazy to feel closer sometimes to people we haven't actually met physically??. However, I don't think it's crazy. Some sites the majority of people are fake or phony. Maybe that's why this week hurt so much cause honestly, our group is overall so open and honest?? Hopefully, the drama mamas have gone and we can get back to supporting each other..
BTW: How do you shuffle all your roles.??. I am so impressed and tired just looking at your plate..I admire you and there will be a hefty payoff down the road.. Take care.. :D Karyn Mc

Bonny said...

I'm glad to have gotten to know you better as well. I love that our group is so great. I have met some really wonderful ladies there that are genuine people. Supporting each other is great.
Oh... my many roles... I don't know how I get through the day, I just have to do what I have to do. By the end of the day, I am exhausted. I am still waiting for that hefty payoff. Someday...
Thanks again, Karyn :)

~Christina S. said...

Bonny, I am so beyond glad that I know you and I am so glad that we have become friends!!!! xoxoxo

Bonny said...

Thank you Christina. You are a sweetie!