Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Finals Week

I have finals this week for my classes and it is making me a lunatic! I am always like this for finals. It's so stressful and it makes me crabby. I have three classes left to complete my associates degree, and although I am not done with those yet, I can not describe what a huge accomplishment it feels like. I am going to continue with the bachelor's program, so there will be more classes to come, but to finally get any form of degree seems amazing, considering for so long I was told I would never do anything! So, if I'm not posting much week, that's why, I am frantically preparing my finals. (And slowly pulling my hair out in the process!!) :)
Until next time.

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~Christina S. said...

Good luck with the final three!!! =) Also I wanted to say your little description under your blog title is too funny. LOL Cat with an attitude? LMBO