Sunday, September 28, 2008

A day in the life

I have a lot to do today. Church this morning. Shopping, grocery and other. I would like to go to Toys-R-Us for the 50% off sale that they are having, but I can not take the kids there and have no one to watch them, so that seems out of the question. I have dinner already started in the crockpot, chicken and dumplings (I'm so glad I found that recipe). Dustin and Myles are going with their Dad tonight, so I have to get them there as well as the other 10,000 things that have to get done today. Laundry...always laundry.


April- Strong and True said...

You have a lot going on too woman!!! I would love to catch up! it's been so long and we all kind of have a similar story it seems except your far exceeds mine! You have courage, strength and a love that is just A-MAZING! email me your info and we can chat by phone!

Bonny said...

I just try to get through the day.

April- Strong and True said...

Not to sound like I'm all that..but having the EMT experience, my parents trusted me a lot with their medical issues. There is a lot of background stuff you may not have known growing up but it has come to that point that I may have to walk away. Right now we are not speaking and that hurts because between me and my sis, my mom and I were really tight. I mean I would go out to their house at least once a week and they live in lowell. IT sucks. But I won't compromise what I believe and she has crossed that line..ya know?!?!