Monday, September 15, 2008


The whole area is flooded.
It took me four hours to get home yesterday. Flooded bad. The last couple years we have got floods around here that have shut down the major roads and highways. This rain and flooding is supposed to be from that Hurricane Ike that went through Texas and wreaked havoc down there.
I drove through some water that was deep. At least twice, I thought for sure that I was crazy for driving through instead of turning around. One of those idiots that you see on TV, stranded in the water that have to be rescued because they should never have been driving through that deep water. Well, yesterday, that idiot was me. I did not get stranded, but the water was pretty deep. I did not get stranded, thank God! And we finally made it home.
But we are blessed. Some people have flooded homes and are evacuated. We have no water in the basement and are able to stay at home, so, we are blessed.

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