Saturday, September 20, 2008

I will remember you...

I don't know what my problem is lately. I have been so emotional. And let me clarify, No, I am not pregnant and No, it is not that time of the month!
Today while I was at work cleaning up the mess left over from the three feet of water we had through the building, a man came to the gate that lives behind the junk yard in the neighborhood back there, if you can call it a neighborhood. (There are a few very modest, run down houses, but people live there.) My boss took this guy back there on the loader, which is the only thing making it through the water still standing on Chase Street and the whole area around it. This old man completely broke down. It was heartbreaking. It really was. The look on his face was just...heartbreaking. His whole house is totally under water. You can see the top of his house, but that is about it.
This old man has lost everything, because no doubt, his house will be uninhabitable when the water goes down. And these people that live back there are poor to begin with. He will never recover from this. He will never be the same. It just makes me so very sad.The look in that man's eyes, I will never forget. He was just devastated. I started to cry and had to go in the back to my office. I just can not handle seeing people when you know that there is nothing you can do to help them. I swear, I will always remember that mans face. He said he's lived there 55 years and it has never been this bad.
I just can not stop thinking about it. And God only knows when the water is going to go down. It sure isn't going anywhere fast, it's been a week already.

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