Saturday, September 6, 2008

Smokey's Chicken Suit!!

Smokey's Chicken Suit!!
Originally uploaded by fuzzybunny2
We totally pissed off the cat tonight by putting this chicken suit on him. I had to give him lots of treats to talk to me again. I guess we can forget about him actually wearing it for Halloween. Oh, well, it was a good laugh this evening at the poor cat's expense.


~Christina~ said...

OMG...this is absolutely the funniest stinkin thing!!! Hee hee.

Karyn "kd" said...

Yep.. way too funny..
And the look on the face says..
"You just think I use the litter box..that's aaalll right"!

And we dressed our dog up in the most fruu fruu tu tu this afternoon..
Oh Lord.. poor animals..