Monday, September 8, 2008

Top 20 Things

Top Ten, no 20 Favorite Things

1. Fried Green Tomatoes
2. The stand up wire/mesh Laundry baskets (but mine are all wore out)
3. The computer (desk top and laptop)
4. The new sprayer on the kitchen sink
5. Tide Laundry soap but it HAS to be Clean Breeze scent, with the matching Downy Softener sheets
6. My camera (Canon Digital EOS Rebel xti :))
7. McDonald's Sweet Tea (they actually know my name there!)
8. My crock pot
9. My Mom's Group (wonderful ladies there and good friends)
10. Swifter Sweeper - I can not believe that I actually swept my floor with a broom before this! That thing is great! Cat hair goes right to it, like glue. It's amazing!
11. Bags - I love bags, canvas, leather, handbags it really does not matter and I seriously can not have too many. And I use them. I carry around so many I am officially known as the bag lady around here. But, such is life...
12. The Coffee Pot - I make sweet tea in the coffee pot, not coffee.
13. The Ped Egg - That thing is just as good as a pedicure and for the $10 you pay at Walgreen's for the Ped Egg, you save so much money going for pedicures, especially when I walk around barefoot all the time, ruining the pedicure!
14. Ink Pens - I have this obsession with ink pens, every time I go to the store, I buy ink pens. I guess if there is ever a shortage on ink pens, I got your back! Lord knows we will never be able to use them all. And I carry a bunch around with me too. Damn OCD!!
15. Quilts - They are so much better than just regular blankets. They are so country. I just love them.
16. Yankee Candles - It seems that these smell the best and last the longest. I really think that they are worth the money. And Geez...they sure cost.
17. Winnie the Pooh
18. Lighthouses - I collect them. I have a rather large collection of lighthouses. All over my house. They have meaning for me about being lost and being lead the way back by the light. Not like the Poltergeist or anything, but in a good way.
19. My Hair Dryer - Without it, my hair would be a frizzy nightmare. Some days it still is.
20. Clumping Cat Litter - That's all I can say. Clumping Cat Litter!!

What are some of your favorite things?? Or maybe things that you absolutely abhor??


~Christina~ said...

My favorite things? Scrapbooking, kicking my kids butt at Guitar's really only fun when you are kicking an 8 year old's butt, Degrassi is my guilty pleasure, The Notebook, Journey :)the list goes on...

Bonny said...

Oh, I forgot ER...
I'm so sad this is the last season. I have watched it religiously since it came on in 1994!