Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Little Miss No Name

When I was growing up, my MaMaw had this doll. Well, she still has it. That doll was the toy that all the Grandkids and now the Great-Grandkids talk about. I used to play with that doll all the time. Dress and undress it. Carry it around like a baby. And, I have to tell you, I think that doll is probably the ugliest doll I have ever seen! Truly, it is. This doll has a burlap dress under the little jacket that my MaMaw crocheted for it. It's just creepy looking. Infact, when Dustin was young, he was terrified of that doll. He's not the only Great Grandchild that has been afraid of it either. But no matter how ugly that doll is, it is always a part of going to MaMaw's house.

Look at those eyes, tell me, is that not the creepiest doll you have ever seen? But secretly, I want that doll.


Karyn "kd" said...

oh Bonny, now that's funny lol
the eyes remind me of that really ugly nocturnal animal w/the striped tail.. the eyes bulge and are way too big for the face..
thanks for the laugh
btw: at Christmas time, my family had a blue gorilla named "Bobby the Gorilla" that came out of a cereal box. Naturally I chewed the crap out of it. He was UGLY.. but the person who was in possession of him wold wrap him up and give him to someone to keep during the next year.. and for some reason.. we always forgot about him until the lucky recipient unwrapped him..
oh our blessed childhoods?

Bonny said...

At Christmas, my family had the Christmas turd!! It was actually an ornament that my sister had made in school that was supposed to be a bear, but my Dad said it looked like a turd! After that it was known as the Christmas turd!! My mom would hide it in the Christmas tree every year and we would look for it. My sister wanted to trow it away. My Mom still has it, I think.

~Christina~ said...

Dude...that doll is going to give me nightmares. LOL

Bonny said...

I know, I am permanently traumatized from my childhood. I played with this doll, crickets, grasshoppers, june bugs, crawdads.... Oh, if only to be there again.