Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thoughts I had before 7am

1. Luke woke up twice last night with this ear infection. I just had him to the doctor yesterday. Have to call later to see if we can get the ear drops.
2. I can't believe I'm up so early. It's 5am!
3. I have to finish an assignment and submit it today and start getting ready for the finals due next Sunday.
4. I have to call my MaMaw today, she's probably wondering what happened to me. Haven't called her for two days.
5. What's going to be for dinner tonight?
6. It's freezing in here.
7. Buck has to put the crockpot back together. I broke the handle last week.
8. Make a grocery list.
9. Gramma called me last night at 11:30pm. She's so lucky that my phone was on silent. What is her problem. I'm gonna have to kill her, she's driving me crazy!! I know she wants me to go to the store, but I have not had time yet. Doesn't she understand that I have a family to take care of?? She gets on my nerves. Can't get started on her this morning!!
10. What am I going to wear to church tomorrow. Nothing fits right anymore.
11. Put the clothes in the dryer.
12. Why am I thinking about so much this morning.
13. I have to check my email.
14. Read my blogs.
15. Start Buck's coffee and make his sandwiches.
16. OMG, it's gonna be a long day. I better get started.

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